Happilac Paints

3D Animation  +  Corporate Design  +  Packaging Design  +  Product Photography

The Challenge:
Happilac Paints are one of the leading national paint producer in Pakistan. Majorly they wanted us to develop their Corporate Profile into Motion Graphics based Animation for their Exhibitions and Expos. Then afterwards they gave us a Big Challenge to create animated based TV Commercial for one of their most selling Exterior Weather Guard Paint. Along with Animations and Photography assignments, they have given us tasks to design their Campaign Design as well.

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3D Animated TVC, Animated Corporate Profile, 3D Animated TV Banners, POS Campaign Design & Photography.

The Results:
We always fulfill Happilac Paints’ requirements and their Deadline of Projects at crucial times. We have creatively animate 54 Slides into 2 minutes Motion Graphics based Video with in timeline of 2 days before their Expo Convention of IAPEX 2016. Afterwards we have been given an assignment of developing TVC with no human element involved as we came with animated character Idea to represent their all paint categories and products respectively. Along with these tasks, we have done Product Photography, Animated Logos and Paint Products and Packaging.

A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.