Turbo Internacional Branding

Branding Design  +   Stationery Design  +   Website Design  +  Printing

The Challenge:
Developing a Brand Presence and Launch of Spanish based Engineering Company in Pakistan. Turbo Internacional is an independent multi-brand turbocharger service company based in Spain and Pakistan solely dedicated to the maintenance, repair & sale of exhaust gas turbochargers.

Design and execute a multi-channel brand launch campaign in Pakistan with creative branding to break through in the hyper-competitive industry while remaining simple enough to be easily tailored. Develop a branding strategy that will deliver maximum impact on the variety of stakeholders.

  • Turbo Internacional
  • Engineering
  • Design, Art Direction, Signage & Printing
  • May 14th, 2018
Launching Brand focusing Corporate Identity, Stationery design, Outdoor Signage, Event Design & Stall Execution.

The Results:

We corralled everything into a single unified voice that permeated every process for the launch and designing, from brand launch and brochure design to stationery. With a careful assessment what set Turbo Internacional apart, we articulated their unique culture in an overarching branding strategy. From there, we translated that strategy into an elevated, eye-stopping and forced perspective creative umbrella of designs for brand launch, invitation cards, notebook brochure, signage, banners, back drops, calendar, standees and more.

Beyond acting as a marketing piece or a sales tool, the small book brochure and signage designs has become an introduction to Turbo Internacional, setting the tone for the few decades to come.

Blueprinted Turbo Internacional Corporate launch and branding in Pakistan, invitation cards, creative notebook brochure, stationery design, calendar, standee design and printing.


A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.