Zaiqah Branding

Branding Design  +   Stationery Design  +   Shop Signage  +  Menu

A functional restaurant serving classic and more unusual Pakistani-Indian cuisine, plus some Chinese dishes based in UK.

The Challenge
Zaiqah needed a rebranding strategy that would bring their brand to life, but also make it appealing to their customers. Revamp its semblance in a way that balances novelty with paying homage to the Zaiqah’s Pakistani-Indian roots.  A brand architecture had to be redeveloped which would create a visual bridge and re-position Zaiqah as a Pakistani-Indian restaurant with feel that effectively entails the local essence of sub-continent. Overall rebranding and redesigning was essential for signage, menu reform, logo and brochures.

  • Zaiqah
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Design, Art Direction, Website & Printing
  • September 16th, 2018
Brand Design, Corporate Identity, Stationery design, Brochure, Menu design, in-store branding and signage.

The Results:
The Elemark Creative team aimed for a distinctive brand positioning that would emphasize its scent and warm ethos but also eye-stopping creative design. It became important to also to develop a unique brand identity that would differentiate the restaurant its competitors. We urbanized a name inspired by the previous label and coupled it with a clean, stylish brand, influenced by a classic feel. From there, we built out a comprehensive rebranding platform covering signage, logo, brochures, menu (Digital and Print), packaging and stationery.

We mixed the sentiment of traditional culture with vintage illustrations and a droll digital platform to re-create a brand image that celebrates the heritage of regional cuisine while still feeling modern. As a result, Zaiqah got a new, iconic mark that looks good solo, but also plays well with the rest of the restaurant’s style.

A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.