MTM Branding

Corporate Documentary  +  Brand Store Design  +   Virtual Tour  +  Shoot

The Challenge:
Masood Textile Mills is Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated knitwear manufacturer. Delivering finest of fashion garments from the accuracy of every stitch to the perfect color, cut and finish through state of the art technology and stringent quality procedures.

The main challenge is to revamp the redesign and redevelop the image of MTM internationally, presenting all the tools to reflect their core muscles through our marketing and brand strength. From Their Corporate Image to Retail Brands we need to justify our crafting hands to quality execution.

  • Masood Textile Mills
  • Textile & Retail
  • Design, Production, Website & Shoot
  • From 2015 till now
Rejuvenating MTM Corporate Branding, Corporate Documentary, Retail Stores Branding, Shoot, Websites, 360 Degree Virtual Tour with 3D Visualization & Interactive E-Catalogues

The Results:
We accepted the challenge and launched a long process of analysis, development and redesign. Working together gave us an overall idea of the brand and allowed us to explore unexpected trajectories and define updated and shared ideas. Our extensive process of exploration and discussion moved on to the practical aspects. The first priority was to redesign their Corporate branding to Ultimate Corporate Documentary, developed their two extensive Retail Brand Stores i.e. Export Mall and Brands Circle with unique and dominant sub-brands over both lines. Also our software and web artists have developed their E-Catalogue for International Customers. One of our major strength is Virtual 360 Tour and 3D visualization, which we have creatively executed for all MTM units so they can present future visualization to international partners to invest in Pakistan.

A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.